AimBoss MultiHack для Counter-Strike GO [24.04.2016]

Читы для Counter-Strike GO фото
AimBoss MultiHack для Counter-Strike GO - чит с мощнейшим функционалом. С первого взгляда даже не верится что такая программа может быть бесплатной, однако так и есть. Авторы сего чита видимо широкой души люди, поэтому качайте чит и благодарите их в комментариях если он конечно же работает))

Список функций данного чита:
Aimbot Features:
Adjustable circular FOV
Hitbox Selection
Aim at closest enemy to user's crosshair or by distance from closest enemy
Option to set hotkey or use no hotkey
Option to deactivate after targeting the first enemy
Option to ignore jumping enemies
Option to activate after X amount of shots
Option to deactivate after an amount of time (milliseconds)
Visibility Check (mask)
Customizable Curve Randomization
Customizable AimSpeed
Ragemode Aimbot
Recoil X and Y options
Velocity based movement prediction
Non-Linear Smoothing
Smart Aim (Choose your Headshot % from 0-100)

Triggerbot Features:
Option to set hotkey or use no hotkey
Adjust delay time before shot
Adjust amount of shooting time
Adjust break time between shots
Adjust overshoot time
Hitbox Selection or MultiHitbox (ex. Chest + Head)
Option to not shoot while user in the air or jumping
Option to only shoot if the user isn't moving
Sniper Rifle Mode (only shoot while zoomed with sniper rifles)
Doesn't shoot through smoke or teammates
HotKey to shoot through smoke or teammates
Ignores Immune / Invulnerable Targets
Adjust chance to add missed shots 0-100%

TriggerAim Features:
All Aimbot and Triggerbot features on the same hotkey, but on a seperate hotkey from the normal Aimbot or Triggerbot. Examples usage would be a configured TriggerAim for burst firing with rifles or perhaps a config for an emergency headshot with a deagle. TriggerAim also includes a "Sniper Assist" mode that will allow AWP/SCOUT to be used on Mouse 1/Attack as the TriggerAim HotKey (it won't shoot until xhair is on enemy).

SlowAim Features:
Slows down your mouse sensitivity if your crosshair is over an enemy.
Configure slow sensitivity and amount of time slowed

KnifeBot Features:
Options to adjust Slash or Stab distance
Adjust delay
Intelligent distance and health based slash/stab Logic

Recoil System Features:
Option to use hotkey
Adjust Recoil X Highest Random Value
Adjust Recoil Y Highest Random Value
Adjust Recoil X Lowest Random Value
Adjust Recoil Y Lowest Random Value

ESP Features:
Glow + Color Changer
Boxes / Edge Boxes(4 styles) + Color Changer
Snaplines + Color Changer
Health(7 styles of healthbars / number display)
Equipped weapons + Color Changer
Dropped weapons, Dropped defuse kits
Bomb(shows bomb carrier, dropped bomb, planted bomb, or if terrorist is planting, bomb timer)
Names + Color Changer
Thrown Objects(flashes, grenades, decoys, smokes, molotovs / incendiary are highlighted in air)
Crosshair(two styles)
Recoil Crosshair(two styles)
Defuse(detects if enemy / teammate or user has kit and if the bomb can be defused in time or not)
Ranks / Wins
Scoped(shows small crosshair above player when they are zoomed in)
Vulnerability(two styles)
Visible + Color Changer
Walking(two styles)

Skin Changer Features:
Change any gun's skin to any other skin
5 Skin HotKeys
Seed Changer
StatTrak Number Changer
Wear Float Changer
Weapon Skin/Gloves Color Changer
Knife Changer (Model changes online only, shitty)
Rainbow Hands/Weapons
6 Color Fades

Misc Features:
Bunny Speed Bar to measure player speed
Option to change Bunnyhop Hotkeys
ThirdPerson Mode with different styles
NoFlash + Flash Intensity Changer
Fast Reload
AutoQuickSwitch after AWP/Scout shots
Chams + Color Changer
Remove Hands
Remove Hands and Weapon
Increase FOV Size
Zoom hack with 2 modes and hotkey activation
420 Mode
Menu Color Changer
Create custom hotkeys to toggle any features
Global Config (save/load config with hack menu or hotkeys, 5 global config slots)
Weapon Configs (save/load weapon configs with hack menu or hotkeys)

Инструкция по запуску чита:
1) Скачать архив с читом и распаковать (желательно закодировать чит энигмой)
2) Запустить чит Aimboss.exe от администратора, не каких форм после этого не появится
3) Запустить Counter-Strike Global Offensive
4) В игре нажать на кнопку delete что бы появилось меню чита.



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